Thursday December 08, 2022

Had enough yet?

November 25, 2022

Any system of governance, especially democracy, can deliver only if the elected officials exhibit compassion, civility, adherence to universally accepted norms of morality and ethics and avoid conflicts of interest. Tolerance of dissent, constitutional supremacy and transparency are also a necessity for democracy to deliver. The irony is that Pakistan, created through a constitutional struggle led by politicians of integrity, was replaced by autocratic juntas who discarded the ballot in favour of brute force and compromised state sovereignty to prolong their illegitimate rule.

If only we had adhered to Jinnah’s vision, the geography and political history of Pakistan would not have suffered the humiliation of defeat and surrender, terrorism and extremism, brazen corruption and an economy in a perpetual state of decline. How many more embarrassments, defeats and crises will it take for our rulers to get their act together?

Malik Tariq Ali