Sunday December 04, 2022

Ababeel Squad launched in Bannu

By Our Correspondent
November 24, 2022

BANNU: Ababeel Squad, a patrolling force, was launched in Bannu district here on Wednesday to control street crimes and maintain law and order.

The squad was launched by District Police Officer Dr Muhammad Iqbal, who said on the occasion that it is the biggest motorbike force consisting of 70 highly trained personnel equipped with modern technologies. He said that Ababeel personnel would patrol the areas that are report street crime.

On the occasion, the district police chief told journalists that the launching of the Ababeel force was a gift for the people of the southern district. He said that along with provision of motorbikes, the new force would also be equipped with modern weapons and communication gadgets.

Dr Iqbal said the new motorbike force would also prove helpful to curb theft and burglary incidents in the district. He asked people to call 15 for help in any emergency and the Ababeel personnel would reach them within five minutes.