Get your patriotic spirit on

By Faiza M.
Tue, 08, 22

This week You! is sharing with you a few ways you can make the most out of independence day and enjoy with a patriotic spirit…

Get your patriotic spirit on

independence day

Every year on August 14, cities and villages across Pakistan come alive in celebration of independence and national pride. With the arrival of August celebrations in the country begin leading up to August 14. This year we will celebrate the 75th year of independence.

Citizens of Pakistan celebrate Independence day zealously. The national flag can be seen in various sizes on balconies, cars and iconic landmarks. Green and white fairy lights illuminate the streets. Shopkeepers are prepared with Independence Day t-shirts, green and white traditional clothes and badges representing Pakistan’s flag. On the roadside, locals can be found selling similar items, except in wooden carts that can be pushed from one place to another.

Get your patriotic spirit on

Everyone is united via a feeling of patriotism. The colours for the day are the green and white of Pakistan’s flag. The country’s flags are seen everywhere and fireworks displays are enjoyed. Flag hoisting ceremonies are held publicly and at private institutions across the country. Schools and universities arrange declamation contests, art exhibitions, national song recitals, and sports marathons to celebrate. Special programs are also scheduled for the observance of this day. This week You! is sharing with you a few ways you can make the most out of independence day and enjoy with a patriotic spirit…

Get your patriotic spirit on

Crank up the mili naghmas

Despite our struggles with a constantly interrupted power supply, we sure know how to light up our country for Independence Day celebrations. Our courts, assemblies and even apartment complexes are beautifully wrapped with green and white bulbs, setting a spirit of festival like feel across the country. A ride around the city in a crammed car with friends and family on the eve of Independence Day is must for a patriot; with mili naghmas blaring from the car speakers and everyone enjoying themselves, it is a sight to cherish. And if you don’t sing Dil Dil Pakistan on the top of your lungs, is it even azadi day?

Get your patriotic spirit on

A patriotic treat

Make desserts with the theme of Independence Day in mind. You can use Pista and Kulfa ice-cream flavours to add a touch of patriotism in the form of an ice-cream flag. A lot of bakeries and cake shops also sell special Independence Day themed desserts, if you’re not in the mood to make one from scratch. Talk to your elders, hear about their past and learn about their freedom struggle while enjoying a delicious azadi treat.

Dress up all green

Flags, T-shirts, hats, bangles, badges, wrist bands - everything that is green is in the market. Dress up in green, and make everyone in your family do the same, starting from your grandparents to the youngest ones in the family. Dressing up in green and white overwhelms anyone who is patriotic for this country. The Pakistani flag displays its national colours of green and white. Green symbolises prosperity and good fortune and white represents peace. Together, these colours can radiate positive energy.

Get your patriotic spirit on

Start a yearly Independence Day movie tradition.

Screen movies related to independence on a projector; invite friends, families, and neighbours to join in on the fun. Movies like ‘Jinnah’, ‘Quaid e Azam Zindabad’ or dramas like ‘Jinnah se Quaid’, ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’, ‘Sinf-e-Aahan’ revive your love for your country.

Visit national monuments and museums with your children

14th August pays homage to the people that devoted and sacrificed their lives for Pakistan’s freedom movement. Make sure your children know all about the sacrifices made to earn this land. Visit national monuments and museums with them, so that they can connect to the history of Pakistan by seeing the past come to life in front of their eyes.

Celebrate the spirit of independence

Hoist the National Flag on top of your roof. Motivate the young ones to decorate your house in flags, banners, balloons, stars, badges, door hangers, candles and all colours reviving independence. This will give your house a feeling of patriotism and help the younger ones value the spirit of this day. So, if you share Pakistani heritage, hoist that flag high!