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My advice is to check the certification of the therapist you go to...



Hey Ed,

Back to back, two episodes of ‘The Eid Engagement and Other Weddings by Iqra Asad (August 27 and September 3) was a great treat! The story is now flowing smoothly and I would love to read a new episode every week. I like the way Iqra has crafted Hina’s character. She is a girl who knows her mind, and mind her mother as well. She wants to get to know her fiancé well, which is something not considered kosher in our society, the hypocrites we are! To change people’s perception of how girls should behave, writers should feature confident and educated young women who know their rights and are prepared to try and achieve what they want. Way to go, Iqra!

Sanniya Ahmed, Karachi

Hi Ed,


In the issue of August 27, the article ‘To cup or not to cup’ caught my attention. It was a very informative read, and I think the treatment has no side or ill effects. Thanks for sharing!

Subhan Ali, Lahore

Hello Editor,

I read ‘To cup or not to cup’ in last week’s issue, and I am a believer in this form of treatment. The problem is that we don’t have people who genuinely know their job. I know at least two practitioners in my city who are not qualified, yet, they are minting money. My advice is to check the certification of the therapist you go to.

Sarim Shafi, Karachi

Hi Ed,

‘The Green Room’ has gone missing again! At least, I have not seen it in the last two issues. Please, Sameen Amer, have some pity on your regular fans.

Ayesha Ali, Peshawar



Narrated Abu Huraira (R.A):

You people say that Abu Huraira tells many narrations from Allah’s Apostle (S.A.W) and you also wonder why the emigrants and Ansar do not narrate from Allah’s Apostle as Abu Huraira does. My emigrant brothers were busy in the market while I used to stick to Allah’s Apostle content with what fills my stomach; so I used to be present when they were absent and I used to remember when they used to forget, and my Ansari brothers used to be busy with their properties and I was one of the poor men of Suffa. I used to remember the narrations when they used to forget. No doubt, Allah’s Apostle once said, “Whoever spreads his garment till I have finished my present speech and then gathers it to himself, will remember whatever I will say.” So, I spread my colored garment which I was wearing till Allah’s Apostle had finished his saying, and then I gathered it to my chest. So, I did not forget any of that narrations.

Volume 3, Book 34, Number 263:


Lubna Khalid


Shermeen Zuberi

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