January 12, 2018
By US Desk

I am an ardent fan of your column. I am a college student, and English Literature....

Tell me why?

Hi Guru,

I am an ardent fan of your column. I am a college student, and English Literature. I am from a middle class family. My problem is that when I see people who have cars, lots of money and luxurious lifestyle, I feel very agitated. I just start thinking why these people are blessed with all these things, and why I am not in their position. Why is God so generous with some? Why is there no equal distribution of wealth? Why do some people enjoys all luxuries money can buy when there are thousands of people who do not even have access to basic necessities of life? Why do the powerful get everything so easily and why common people have to suffer a lot? Tell me why. I am so confused.

Disgruntled A

Dear Disgruntled A,

By nature we, human beings are selfish. We always demand for more and more. We never thank God for His blessings; instead we always complain and grumble. We are never satisfied with what we have; we always feel that the other person is wealthier or better than us. We get impressed by people’s wealth or flashy cars but we actually don’t know how sad or terrible they could be from inside. If wealth is the only criterion of being happy then all the wealthy people would be happy today. I have seen so many rich people living miserably. Some have security issues, some have health issues, and some don’t have children. Don’t look at the tangible things; intangible things like contentment, faith, happiness and love are also God gifted. Look around and you will see so many ordinary people who are content with their life. They say health is wealth, and no amount of wealth can buy health. So consider yourself lucky and wealthy if God had given you good health. Stay happy!

My mother has changed

Dear Guru,

This is the first time I am writing to you in anticipation that you will give me some sound advice. I am a 13-year-old girl. I belong to a broken family. I have two brothers and a sister and I am the youngest one. My parents recently got separated. We were a loving family, but not any longer. I miss my father so much. Since my father has left the house, the whole environment of our house has changed. My mother has become quiet and she hardly talks now. Now my mother and elder sister run the house and we are not financially dependent on anyone. But Guru, I have a complaint: my elder sister does not do any house chores whereas I have to do all the dusting when I come back from school. My elder brother A always teases me, and when I get irritated at his pranks, he starts laughing and says, ‘I was just joking’. Well, I am close to my second brother, B, but of late I have not felt like sharing my problems with him. I feel my mother gives preference to my brothers. My mom doesn’t even care about me anymore. Even when I get sick, she does not take leave from office. Guru, I am very disturbed. Sometimes I feel I am just an extra person in that house. I am only 13 but am already fed up with my life. What should I do in these circumstances?


Dear KZ,

Children from broken families usually go through a lot of emotional and identity crisis. Unfortunately, you are also from a broken family and you are also facing a lot of problems in the absence of your father. But no matter how hard it is for you to survive, the biggest emotional challenge is being faced by your mother who has to raise four children on her own. This is by no means an easy task. You have no idea how challenging it must be for her. Don’t think negatively about her. Of course she loves you, but is probably preoccupied with so many things that she tends to ignore you. Don’t mind if she tells you to do household chores. Try to realise that your elder sister and mother are working women. They are working hard to pay off the bills, tuition fees and meeting other expenditure. So, don’t complain if your sister does not help you in cleaning the table. As far as your brother A is concerned, just ignore him. Since you are the youngest in the family, he enjoys teasing you. Believe me, after few years he will be the ones who will support you and stand by you in every matter. So, wipe up your tears. Life is not bad, dear. You don’t actually have an idea what real life is all about. But since you are too young right now, you don’t understand the harsh realities of life. Good luck!

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