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Nicole Kidman doubts Big Little Lies to have third season

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Sat, 01, 20

The all-star Big Little Lies has fans anxiously awaiting a third season but to their disappointment, the third season is not happening. Actress Nicole Kidman stated this week that there is nothing in the works for a third season renewal.

When asked to elaborate, Kidman spoke mainly about how busy the cast presently is. Kidman and co-star Reese Witherspoon are currently invested in multiple other projects; Nicole Kidman is re-teaming with Big Little Lies writer David E. Kelley for the six-part limited series The Undoing. The actress also mentioned Laura Dern, who just received an Oscar nomination for Marriage Story and also appears in Little Women. She described the unlikelihood of Dern ever returning to the show as her career is taking off through her work with various other productions. Zoe Kravitz, meanwhile, currently stars in Hulu’s adaptation of High Fidelity and is joining the DC franchise as she has recently been cast as Catwoman in The Batman. Though Kidman would like for the cast to “hopefully collide at some point”, she described a promising future for her new show, The Undoing.

The Undoing will star Kidman as a successful therapist, whose life and marriage to co-star Hugh Grant’s character, is suddenly overturned. Even though Big Little Lies fans shouldn’t hold their breath for an exhilarating third season of Monterrey’s favorite girls, one can still soon catch the much loved Australian beauty in The Undoing as well as the rest of the Big Little Lies in various series and/or films.