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FDVM and Turhan James to feature in Nov 22 Salt Arts show

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Tue, 11, 19

The cat or shall we say cats are out of the bag? Turhan James, the young Pakistani-Canadian DJ/Producer and French EDM act, FDVM will be playing on November 22nd at the Beach Luxury Hotel as part of the most recent Salt Arts gig.

Both Turhan James and FDVM had the crowd melting to their sound at a past event and whether you made it to that event or not is beside the point. It was just one more show of how much Pakistan has fallen in love with FDVM and how very talented Turhan James is.

Turhan will be opening for FDVM with a carefully curated set, which will follow Florent Denecker and Victorien Mulliez aka FDVM’s set.

They began their Southasia tour with a show presented by Salt Arts and they are back for more and we, as an audience, couldn’t be more thrilled.

In their bag, they have a brilliant ‘Tribute Edit of Disco Deewane’ mix that maintains the sanctity of the late and revered nightingale of Southasian pop, Nazia Hassan and more but let us leave that to your imagination for now.

In their most recent interview with Instep, Victorien Mulliez had noted, “It was really great, but it was nothing like Pakistan!”

With just a few days left before November 22 comes knocking, head over to Salt Arts for tickets information and buy them before they sell out, which they inevitably will. These guys are something else and let us also root for homeboy Turhan James, who will be opening for them as well by getting those tickets. The venue is the beautiful and iconic Beach Luxury Hotel so you can’t go wrong with it. Watch out!