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Zindagi Tamasha’s ‘Ajj Sik Mitraan Di’ is a melodic, soulful treat

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By NewsBytes
Fri, 11, 19

Actor and director Sarmad Khoosat’s upcoming film Zindagi Tamasha had its world premiere at Busan International Film Festival and also won the Kim Jeosuk Award, making it one of the most anticipated albeit controversial films on the calendar. A few weeks after unveiling the film’s teaser, Sarmad has recently released ‘Ajj Sik Mitraan Di’ from the OST of the film and it draws us deeper into the story, to say the least. ‘Ajj Sik Mitraan Di’ is a rendition of Sufi poet Peer Syed Mehar Ali Shah’s kalaam and band Saakin has brought it to life.

Peer Syed Mehar Ali Shah’s poetry is intense – he was after all considered a rebel back in the day – and Saakin’s haunting melody immediately draws you into the song and its story. It’s not an easy song, apropos to the not so easy film, evident in what we see in the teaser. It apparently revolves around the story of a naat-khwaan, who is respected and almost revered until his saintly image is shattered when he turns out to be simply human. ‘Ajj Sik Mitraan Di’ is a heartfelt blend of soft, melodious sounds and chilling lyrics that resonate with the soul.

The OST has a sublime feel to it with inspiring lyrics and a soul-stirring music composition. Directed by Sarmad Khoosat, the film is penned by Nirmal Bano and stars Arif Hassan, Samiya Mumtaz, Eman Suleman, and Ali Kureshi among others. The film is slated to hit cinemas in January 2020.