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Solis Arts and Music Festival line-up revealed

Instep Today
By Instep Desk
Sat, 11, 19

In the upcoming Karachi edition, scheduled to take place on November 16, local artists like Hussain Dossa and Turhan James, among others, will also be performing.

As we reported earlier, Solis Arts and Music Festival, having taken place in Lahore and Islamabad, is now heading for Karachi and will take place on November 16, nearly a week from today.

Having announced artists such as French electronic act FDVM (featuring Florent Denecker & Victorien Mulliez), British outfit Clean Bandit (comprising Grace Chatto, and brothers Jack and Luke Patterson) and ‘KILLTHEBUZZ’, we can now announce some of the other acts that will feature in this massive concert, which is sponsored by Mountain Dew and Chocolicious.

Other exciting names include Oceanvs Orientals that is described by Resident Advisor in the following terms: “Founded by Safak Oz Kutle, Oceanvs Orientalis is a collective formation, which aims to challenge the aesthetic perception in electronic music. It may feature itself as a band or as a one-man action.”

An act called Soul Potion is also scheduled to perform, who has been described as an act that plays “cross-cultural, world music and earth house.”

At Solis, apart from these international acts, we will get to see Turhan James (who killed at a Salt Arts show with his blend of music), Hussain Dossa (who is quite the DJ/musician) as well as an artist called Maleo and another called Neha.

As for security concerns, when Instep spoke to FDVM about it, they noted that a Ladies-Only section will also be made possible to avoid harassment issues. Time will tell if segregation is the answer to harassment at large concerts or not. But the effort, which includes bouncers surrounding the attendees’ area, should hopefully help matters and not create a situation akin to the Lahore edition of the festival. Let us hope this will be enough to keep hooliganism out of the show. 

The line-up is intriguing to say the least with artists from around the world bringing their sets, tunes to Pakistan. It will also reveal what inspires them – African beats, LA club sound or something entirely new.