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SOC Films launch ‘Stories for our Children’

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By NewsBytes
Tue, 06, 18

Academy Award winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is constantly creating content that not only highlights some of the most serious issues in Pakistan but also those that make you realize that in these tragic times, there are those who continue to impart lessons on humanity by their being. One case in point is SOC Film’s five-part series Look But With Love that is not only Pakistan’s first virtual reality documentary series but one that showcases the unsung heroes from across Pakistan who do extraordinary things.

The same production house, SOC Films, is now bringing us another initiative that is just as wholesome in purpose; it is a new series called ‘Stories for our Children’ and promises to be an experience for the whole family.

The series is animated and is about “real heroes who stood up for diversity and inclusion. They push for a Pakistan that celebrates courage and humanity.”

The first film, or chapter, is ‘the story of Abdul Sattar Edhi’ and is inspired by true events. The story of the late humanitarian is one that needs to be known by us all and ‘Stories for our Children’ is certainly hoping to accomplish that.

The first part has been released on YouTube and takes us back to the fifties when Abdul Sattar Edhi opened a free medical dispensary and an ambulance service, how he inspired others around him and further back as it narrates the story of Abdul Sattar Edhi and the altruism entrenched in him that remains unparalleled perhaps to this day.

The four part series also includes a film on “Kulsum (a Hazara girl from Khalsabad village) and Shaheed Aitzaz Hasan, a 16-year-old martyr, who sacrificed his life by intercepting a suicide bomber and in turn saving the lives of his fellow students,” noted Geo TV.

Find the web-series on YouTube.