Monday December 05, 2022

A$AP Rocky supporting ‘perfectionist’ Rihanna ahead of Superbowl Halftime show

A$AP Rocky is looking after the baby as Rihanna prepares for the Superbowl Halftime show

By Web Desk
September 28, 2022

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A$AP Rocky has been showering support on Rihanna as the singer prepares to headline the Super Bowl Halftime show.

The rapper has reportedly taken on baby duties so the Diamonds hit-maker could focus on her rehearsals for the upcoming show.

“ASAP has been so supportive of her in helping her to make the decision to do this,” a source close to RiRi spilled to Hollywood Life.

“He has been her biggest fan through this whole process and he will continue to be,” the insider added.

The source went on to reveal that singer is “feeling great” as she gets ready for her much awaited comeback to the stage, adding, “She just wants to be flawless because Rihanna is a perfectionist.”

“They’re in the very early planning stages and she wants to make sure that her vision is carried out with every single detail,” another source revealed.

Amidst the prep for the show, the Praise the Lord hit-maker is doing everything that he can to alleviate his girlfriend’s stress.

“Rocky has been a huge support system and told her that he plans on helping however he can,” the source shared.

“Whether that be to watch the baby day and night so she can rehearse, he let her know that he’s got her back.”