Friday December 09, 2022

Amanda Holden praises ‘emotional mourners’ who queued up for hours to view Queen's coffin

Amanda Holden chat to those who queued up for hours to view the Queen's lying-in-state

By Web Desk
September 18, 2022

Amanda Holden lauded the ‘emotional mourners’ as they waited for more than 11 hours to pay their respects to the Queen lying in state.

The TV host said that it was a "privilege" to talk to members of the public who faced 11-hour queues this weekend.

Wearing a lilac dress and tailored blazer, the 51-year-old gazed at Westminster Hall - where the Queen's coffin has been open for public viewing.

Taking to Instagram, the Heart Radio host shared a short clip with her followers as she looked out on the Parliamentary building with members of the public queuing beside it.

"My privilege to talk to some of you queuing and coming out of Westminster Hall this morning. The atmosphere and camaraderie was incredible .. friendships forged forever in shared grief .." she captioned the video.

Amanda also reported live from the scene for Heart Radio, where she described the mood to Jamie Theakston in the studio.

"We're at the end of the queue Jamie, so I'm getting to see quite a lot of emotional people coming out. Everybody's quite sombre but the celebratory aspect of it is there's been so many friendships in that queue."

One of the men in the group told Amanda: "It's silent, you just walk down, you see the guards, you see the coffin of the Queen and it's just emotional. You're only there for two or three seconds but it just brings so much emotion into you."

The group said that they had been waiting 11 hours to see the Queen's coffin.

After the news broke that the Queen had passed, Amanda shared a photo of the royal with a touching caption.

"I think we all thought our Queen would live forever… Her grace ,good humour and indomitable spirit.. embodied everything that made Great Britain , Great . I just can’t imagine our country without her .. My thoughts are with her family."