Monday November 28, 2022

Meghan Markle leaves Prince Harry worried ahead of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

King Charles had banned Meghan Markle from visiting the Queen at her deathbed on September 8.

By Web Desk
September 17, 2022

Duke of Sussex Prince Harry is reportedly worried that his wife Meghan Markle will skip Queen Elizabeth’s funeral amid growing rift with the royal family.

The International Business Times, quoting Fox News, reported Prince Harry is ‘terrified of being left alone with a family that was once so close.’

The report further claims that "given the response that she has received," Meghan Markle thinks "that she should go back to the U.S. ahead of the funeral and leave Harry with his family to attend it."

Meghan and Harry have attracted attention, both good and bad, since they returned to the U.K and more so when the royal couple appeared at events following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

It is also reported that King Charles had also banned Meghan from visiting the Queen at her deathbed on September 8.

The report further says all this may be too much for Meghan to handle, and the Duchess might decide to return to US without Harry.