Thursday August 11, 2022

Why does Jennifer Garner still worries about ex Ben Affleck despite JLo wedding?

Jennifer Garner fears that Ben Affleck may relapse after his dreamy nuptials with Jennifer Lopez

By Web Desk
August 02, 2022

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Jennifer Garner keeps worrying about ex-hubby Ben Affleck as she fears he might relapse despite his wedding with Jennifer Lopez.

An insider revealed that The Adam Project star has fears that history might repeat itself as the Gone Girl actor juggling with a lot of things at once could push him over the edge.

"Jen will always keep an eye on how Ben's doing," the source said adding that even his recent nuptials with JLo could not lighten Garner’s tension regarding her burned out ex as per OK! Magazine.

"[Ben] clearly has a lot going on right now with Jennifer and all the attention that comes with their relationship, along with his demanding career, and of course, his kids," added the source.

"He's being pulled in a lot of directions — and that's something that quietly worries Jen," the insider continued about Affleck, who has struggled with alcohol addiction in the past.

The source went on to say that Garner has no problem with Lopez, adding, "Jen is happy for Ben," while emphasizing that Garner’s fears has nothing to do with Affleck’s marriage.

“Both Jennifers get along very well," another source said, and the mutual respect between the star women, "has helped positive relations."

The outlet also shared that Lopez’s kids, whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony, Esme and Max, "get along beautifully" with Garner and Affleck's children, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel.

Affleck recently had a beautiful time with his new wife in Paris as they enjoyed their honeymoon where he was captured breaking down at dinner with JLo and was also spotted napping on a boat ride.

"Ben fell asleep because he was exhausted," the source explained. "He's been tearing around Vegas and finalizing the purchase of their new home in L.A. His life is a whirlwind."

Referring to the lovebirds romantic date night on Lopez’s birthday when Affleck was seen crying, the source said, "He's burning the candle at both ends and that's why he got emotional at dinner with Jennifer."