Sunday May 29, 2022

Camilla Cabello admits comparing herself with other women as she talks about her body image issues

Camilla Cabello says she struggled with body image at Met Gala 2022

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May 11, 2022

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Camilla Cabello opens up about her struggles with body image in a recent interview.

Talking to People Magazine, the Bam Bam singer said that it’s an ‘ever-present’ struggle as she admitted that she sometimes compares herself with women online.

The singer told the outlet, “People can often look at these pictures of celebrities and want to change their diet or aspire to that.”

“I thought it was important for me to be like, ‘Hey, this isn't necessarily something to aspire to. I might look a certain way, but I've had a really (expletive) time, and that's not a good way to be,’” Camilla added.

 “I don't have a solution for it, and I struggle with it all the time. At the Met (Gala), I struggled with it too.”

“It's an ever-present struggle, and I think a lot of women feel that way,” the 25-year-old popstar stated.

She continued: "When I start to compare myself to people that I see on Instagram, which literally a couple days ago, I had the same kind of cycle of thoughts.”

"I was just like, 'I'm just going to delete Instagram and TikTok,' the apps from my phone, and that helps me," she said.

Moreover, the singer opened up about her bond with Selena Gomez and how she supported the singer in time of need.

Camila told the publication, “She's super empathetic, loyal, and honest. We have our own little group, and we hang out, and all of our conversations are real.”

“I feel like she's never pretending, and I don't feel like I have to pretend around her. Those are the most worthwhile friendships.”