Sunday December 04, 2022

Prince Charles, Anne, Edward believe there's 'no return' for brother Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew is said to be putting the Firm in a tight spot over his involvement in a sexual abuse case

By Web Desk
January 28, 2022

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Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Edward are said to have closed the doors to their brother Prince Andrew and that there would be "no way back" for him.

The Duke of York, who is currently under investigation for his involvement in the Virginia Giuffre sexual abuse case, is said to have brought a lot of trouble to the Firm.

As a result the trio of siblings reportedly met up to discuss the ordeal and decided that there was "no return" for their brother.

Shedding light on this Daily Mirror's Russell Myers said in a podcast: "It emerged that there had been a meeting with the senior members of the Royal Family.

"It was Charles, Anne and Edward ‒ [they] had a meeting back in January to essentially decide there was no way back for Andrew. Now, to me this didn’t really come as any surprise at all.

"I was saying just this week how I think Andrew was the only person in the entire world who thought there was any way back for him into public life.

"Certainly there’s no appetite within the family. Certainly there’s no appetite within the military associations that he had or within the general public.

"I think regardless of what happens in the civil case, regardless of whether he is dragged into any further investigations or whether he needs to speak to the police, I think the manner in which he has carried himself has been quite an issue within the family and quite an issue for the general public.

"Certainly I would wholeheartedly agree there is no way back for Prince Andrew."