Monday May 16, 2022

Prince Andrew’s ex reveals Maxwell used her as 'bait' to entertain Epstein's powerful friends

Prince Andrew’s ex Lady Victoria makes startling revelations about Maxwell and Epstein's relationship

By Web Desk
January 19, 2022
Prince Andrew’s ex reveals Maxwell used her as bait to entertain Epsteins powerful friends

Prince Andrew's former love interest lady Victoria has made startling revelations about Maxwell, saying she  used her as "bait" to entertain Epstein's friends.

lady Victoria revealed Ghislaine went 'fishing' for Epstein to find girls to 'entertain' his powerful friends.

"Jeffrey was really the frontman and Ghislaine was the accomplice. It was kind of like a Batman and Robin, and they were a double act. I don't think Jeffrey could have done any of it without Ghislaine," she said in a clip released to the MailOnline ahead of tonight's airing of the "Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile" documentary.

To a question, former 'It Girl' responded: "I think he [Maxwell] just kind of sat back and sort of waited for her to sort of go fishing and go find however many girls were needed, you know, to entertain his friends. I think I was pretty much used as bait."

"You know, looking back at, you know I was really young and naïve, and she's entertaining these, you know, big businessmen. So I didn't realise it of course at the time, but looking back..."

Maxwell was convicted of facilitating the sexual abuse of minors by her former partner, Epstein, last month on December 29. She faces 65 years in prison, meaning she could spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Lady Victoria, who appeared on ITV's Lorraine, insisted the 'very private' Maxwell was a 'victim' of Epstein. The socialite has previously said she had no clue what they had been secretly up to.