Thursday August 11, 2022

Daniel Craig signed up for James Bond after unexpected meeting with Steven Spielberg

Daniel Craig started James Bond career with Casino Royale

By Web Desk
January 13, 2022

Daniel Craig touches upon how he came into being the iconic James Bond. 

Speaking to The Sun in a recent interview, the 007 star revealed that he met director  Steven Spielberg in a hotel.

"Steven was in the same hotel by chance. Can you get a more Hollywood moment? And I went, "Would you read this [script] please?" He read it very quickly and said, "You have to do it!"' he shared the 2006 incident.

The 53-year-old added that it was shocking for him to see Steven instantly decide to take up the role.  

Regardless, the actor said that he was "nervous" about doing the film, contemplating if the role is "going to be good."

He said: "I was working with incredible directors in some amazing movies. I was nervous. I thought, "I don’t want to do Bond and ruin all that." But I read the Casino Royale script. It was like, "OK, this is going to be good."'