Wednesday January 19, 2022

Kristen Stewart gets candid about channelling ‘dreamy nature’ of Princess Diana

Kristen Stewart got candid about her ‘transformative’ experience of playing Princess Diana in 'Spencer'

By Web Desk
January 09, 2022

Kristen Stewart expressed that channelling the 'dreamy nature' of Princess Diana in Spencer was ‘transformative’.

During her recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 31-year-old actor reflected on the much-talked about film.

She said, “The most resounding takeaway that I have from making this movie was probably how big and how small I felt as her. I've never felt so big and so small at the same time.”

“And I don't know, just to sort of be aware of there are certain impactful and, you know, touching people that exist and they're sort of lightning in a bottle, one-in-a-million special, but their inner lives are maybe not sometimes what it feels like for everyone outside,” explained the Twilight star.

Lauding the late Princess of Wales, Stewart shared, “It's like this woman was able to reach out and touch so many people and responsible for so much good in the world, a just sort of unyielding, unbelievable amount of goodness, but at the same time it's just really nice to, you know, to fall into sort of wake of her dreamy nature.”

“That is a certain talent and connection and that's what we're doing and I think all of that was just the coolest thing,” she added.