Wednesday January 19, 2022

Prince William ‘could only carry out important royal duty’ due to Kate Middleton

Experts believe Prince William was only able to carry out his royal duties because of Kate Middleton

By Web Desk
January 08, 2022

Experts have stepped forward with an admission about Prince William’s ability to carry on his duties and insinuated that it was “only possible” because of Kate Middleton.

This claim has been made by royal author and biographer Duncan Larcombe.

He started it all off by admitting to OK! Magazine, "William always remembered Diana’s advice about taking time to get to know his future bride.”

"He knew she spoke from bitter experience as she had only met Charles a handful of times before they wed.”

"When a person marries into the Royal Family, traditionally they are either the perfect fit or a bull in a china shop battling against the institution.”

Before concluding though, he admitted, "William knew his most important royal duty was to marry well, and he found the perfect fit in Kate."