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Why money caused fissures in Prince Harry, Prince Charles' relationship

Prince Harry and Prince Charles allegedly have a 'fragile' relationship

By Web Desk
December 08, 2021
Why money caused fissures in Prince Harry, Prince Charles relationship

It not secret that Prince Harry and Prince Charles's relationship has been on a decline and according to one expert it "appears at breaking point".

Royal editor Camilla Tominey, while writing for Daily Telegraph, claimed that the Duke of "a fragile relationship between the heir to the throne and his youngest son" as Prince Harry made some major claims about his father.

As of recently "an increasingly isolated Harry claimed he had raised concerns about the donor in the 'cash for access' crisis that has engulfed Charles’s household".

This is referring to when the Duke of Sussex accused Prince Charles of granting knighthood to a Saudi billionaire who allegedly donated to one of his charities.

Furthermore, Tominey cited money as "playing a part in the breakdown of the relationship with father and son".