Thursday January 20, 2022

Contents of Prince Philip’s ‘sensitive’ Will ‘may never be aired’: report

Experts worry Prince Philip’s will never get aired in light of its ‘sensitive’ repercussions

By Web Desk
November 28, 2021

The High Court has just passed a ruling regarding Prince Philip’s sensitive will and has asserted that it will be sealed away for a total of 90 years, given its possibly sensitive repercussions.

An update on the legal rules was shared by legal expert Michael L. Nash and during his interview with Palace Confidential.

He told the outlet, “The president of the Family Division at the moment, Sir Andrew McFarlane, was extremely even-handed and just about this because he began the judgement by saying, considering the sovereign's position, it is appropriate that there should be a special process, as there are in other areas of the sovereigns life. I think we can accept that. It's really on what basis, I think how far it goes."

"Now, the solicitors and the Attorney General had applied for the sealing of it to last for 125 years, as Sir Andrew said, 90 years would be appropriate.”

Sir Andrew said that 90 years on, each royal will would be opened, and here's the crunch line, and examined by the monarch's private solicitor, the keeper of the royal archives, the Attorney General, and by any personal representatives of the dead person who may still be available."

"They will decide whether the will may be made public at this stage. Sir Andrew said some royal wills may never be published, even in part because the secrecy will remain."

"I don't think there's anything scandalous in Prince Philip's will, it's just a question of, this is a very sensitive time for the Royal Family and a very difficult time for the Queen."