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Britney Spears’ bid for revenge against her family ‘may ruin’ chances at freedom

Sources fear Britney Spears’ desires for revenge may ruin her chances at enjoying freedom

By Web Desk
November 27, 2021

Sources worry Britney Spears’ bid for revenge against her family may be the one thing that can ruin her chances at attaining freedom.

The claim was shared by a source close to Closer magazine and during the course of their interview they claimed, “While Britney’s friends are horrified by what she’s been through, they are worried that launching a high-profile case against her family is going to stir-up more pain and trauma.”

They also went on to say, “They fear her bid for revenge could ruin her freedom and everything she’s been dreaming of for so long.”

Britney made a claim just a week prior and admitted she believes her family “should be in jail” for the role they played in her conservatorship.