Friday December 03, 2021

Meghan Markle accused of running ‘the largest PR campaign’ in history

Meghan Markle’s tactics for media attention have been branded a ‘PR campaign’

By Web Desk
November 22, 2021

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Meghan Markle has come under fire for allegedly creating a sort of ‘PR campaign’ that’s gearing her up for an introduction to the political landscape.

This claim’s been made by Octopus TV’s Andrew Eborn and during his interview, he called Meghan’s Oprah and Ellen interview a ‘PR campaign’.

He started off by saying, "She's on a PR campaign. I can tell you here and now she will be wanting to enter politics in the states.”

"I wouldn't be surprised if she's going to be our first US President and she could be looking at that side as well. She's certainly on an interesting PR campaign."

This news comes shortly after Meghan phoned local members of Congress, advocating for paid family leave.