Thursday October 28, 2021

The Firm to snub Queen's Balmoral holiday tradition after her death

Experts believe the royal family will never again honour the Queen's Balmoral holiday tradition

By Web Desk
October 11, 2021

Experts recently weighed in on the possibility of the royal family never again honouring Queen Elizabeth’s Balmoral holiday tradition.

This claim has been made by Royally Us podcast co-host Christina Garibaldi. She was quoted saying, "Charles is maybe thinking of turning Balmoral into a museum, and Kate and William will likely move to Windsor to be a little bit closer.

"So it seems like he wants to slim down the monarchy and make it more accessible to the public to relive history all over again."

"Balmoral becoming a museum actually made me a little sad because they are never going to spend August in Scotland again after the queen passes away because it is cold!

"Everyone else in this country goes to the Mediterranean in August but the Royal Family just goes up north."

Ms Garibaldi also went on to add that the Scottish estate will "probably not the destination anymore."