Sunday October 24, 2021

Prince Harry leaves Netflix under pressure after ‘horrifying’ remarks on the deal

Prince Harry’s comments against the lucrative deal have reportedly caused Netflix to go into a frenzy

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October 10, 2021

Experts shed light on Netflix’s probable pressure over Prince Harry’s recent comments about the multi-million-dollar deal.

The Daily Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden made this claim during his interview with the Palace Confidential.

There he was quoted saying, "I think there is a fat chance of Harry and Meghan giving up their very lucrative Netflix deal. It was a Faustian pact.”

"When Harry was interviewed by James Corden, he defended the Crown which is also made by Netflix.”

"It was kind of excruciating because you're wondering why he is doing that? It felt like he was justifying it to himself maybe. The thing is, he’s got no control, he’s just signed a deal with a huge streaming giant and they can do what they like.”

"And there’ll be more examples of this, I’m sure, where there’ll be programmes that he wouldn’t approve of - and they don't need to get his approval.”

Mr Eden added, “So it puts him in an awkward position and I think he is a bit embarrassed about that.”

“We saw that in the Oprah interview where he said 'we did these deals because we were desperate for money,' which would have horrified the executives at Netflix I think.”

Before concluding he admitted, “Because you want to sign people who are really keen to make programmes, and not doing it for just a quick bit of cash."