Sunday October 24, 2021

Prince William, Harry ‘fuming’ over Princess Diana’s ‘really cruel’ ‘Spencer’ portrayal

Prince Harry, Prince William to be ‘angry’ over Princess Diana portrayal in the Kristen Stewart ‘Spencer’

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October 09, 2021

Experts suspect Prince Harry and Prince William will reportedly be ‘fuming in grave anger’ over the cruellest portrayal of Princess Diana in Spencer.

The first that spoke to The Sun regarding the film was Majesty Magazine’s Ms Ingrid Seward and she was quoted saying, “It is really cruel to portray her like this. It is totally unnecessary.”

“I know William was there when she was unhappy but it sounds to me the movie is factually incorrect.”

Even Richard FItzwilliams later discussed the issue with Mail Online and was quoted saying, “It was an extraordinary decision to feature Diana throwing up on the poster whilst dressed in couture. The film does show scenes of bulimia and self-harm which is indeed cruel.”

Given that Mr Fitzwilliams was even in attendance at the BFI London Film Festival press screening for the film, he added, “I strongly doubt that either William or Harry will watch it.”

“We have 20 more episodes of The Crown to come, which will probably also show disturbing scenes featuring her.”

This news comes shortly after Diana: The Musical received a similarly negative review by critics for its mockery and blatant disregard of sentiments.

The line in particular that attracted the most amount of uproar was a lyric that read, “Harry, my ginger-haired son / You’ll always be second to none.”

While comparing the two Mr Fitzwilliams added, “At least (director Pablo) Larrain only claims this is 'an imagining', 'a fable' and that is his right as a filmmaker.”

“But it is not dramatic enough to be good cinema and its appeal is centred on Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Diana which, though it has its merits, is badly flawed."