Wednesday October 27, 2021

Duchess Camilla needs ‘coaching’ to take Prince Philip’s role as consort to Prince Charles

Duchess Camilla needs ‘extensive coaching’ to take Prince Charles’ role as consort

By Web Desk
October 08, 2021

Experts believe Duchess Camilla requires a great deal of coaching to become an effective consort to Prince Charles, just like Prince Philip

This claim has been made by language expert Judi James and during her interview with Express Uk, she highlighted the growing need for Duchess Camilla to take voice training if she intends to serve as Prince Charles’ consort.

She started off by admiring Camilla’s natural talents and admitted that, while she possesses a “natural vocal tone,” and “sounds mature and adult in contrast to both the Queen and Kate’s higher, more girlish, silvery tones.”

She “unlike many of the Windsor women she has a deep, kindly tone with a hint of huskiness.” As a result, she needs training, that won’t make her sound “unlike herself” but to get the most out of her vocal attributes.

“As Consort, she will need to make speeches that might possibly be as dry as dust and will need to make the words come alive to modern ears.”

“Royals are being heard all the time, on TV, radio and social media as well as during those more formal royal addresses.”