Sunday October 24, 2021

Prince Harry blasted over silence towards ‘trashy’ Princess Diana Musical’

Prince Harry blasted for staying silent over Princess Diana Musical representation

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October 08, 2021

Prince Harry recently came under fire for his decision to remain silent regarding the ‘trashy’ representation Princess Diana received in the new musical.

This claim’s been made by the host of Sky News, Andrew Bolt and during his interview with royal commentator Sophie Elsworth, he reflected upon the poor reception Princess Diana’s Musical has received.

He was also quoted saying, “Prince Harry used to be very noisy in attacking the media for his coverage of his mother Princess Diana.”

“But he has now signed a multi-million-dollar deal with Netflix and now says nothing. It is the most trashy musical about his mother but also makes the Queen seem like a real cow.”

Even Ms Elsworth agreed and questioned Prince Harry’s silence on the matter. “Funnily enough I can't see Prince Harry coming out screaming about this.”

She was also quoted saying, “What a moment of trashiness that we just put our viewers through. I will say for this woke couple it is a case of don't bite the hand that feeds you.”

“Netflix is putting food on their table because they have signed multi-million dollar deals with them. So Harry and Meghan have gone extremely quiet.”