Thursday October 28, 2021

Prince William, Harry blasted for ‘hurting’ Prince George with an ongoing rift

Prince William, Prince Harry put on blast for leaving Prince George hurt and at a loss because of their rift

By Web Desk
October 07, 2021

Prince Harry and Prince William recently came under fire for allegedly hurting Prince George as a result of their ongoing rift.

Royal expert Neil Sean made this claim during his most recent interview with Express UK and highlighted the name of the one royal who’s suffering the most from Prince William and Prince Harry’s rift.

There he was even quoted saying, "According to a very good source, there is one member of the British Royal Family that truly does miss Prince Harry. The person is none other than the budding Prince George."

"We all fell in love with Prince George at the football earlier this year after he gleefully leapt into his mum's arms after that goal. You can see how close Prince George and Prince William are."

"I think that endeared a lot of people to the British monarchy. According to the source, Prince Harry and Prince George used to be very close."

"They also said that Prince George is at a bit of a loss as to why he can't make such contact with Prince Harry. Obviously, we do know that there is family fractions."

"You have got to be careful if you do Zoom or Skype or any of those social media platforms and what in fact you talk about. There is clearly lots of people still over here and that miss the fun and frivolity that he was as an uncle. It does appear that Prince George is certainly still one of his number one fans."