Former Victoria's Secret model blasts brand for toxic culture

The model alleges that she was fired after she gained half an inch on her waist

By Web Desk
September 16, 2021
Former Victorias Secret model blasts brand for toxic culture

Ex Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm got candid about the brand's horrific ways it treated its models after opening up about her "traumatic" experience.

Speaking to 60 mins Australia, she said that the company constantly pushed its models to lose weight as it opted to employ exploitative measure.

"What that company represented for me and for so many other women was extremely exploitative at that time," she said.

"To me, it felt like controlling women. Getting women as small as possible and then even not being small enough. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it."

Bridget alleged that the environment was toxic that she was fired for gaining half an inch on her hips.

Asked by the interviewer: "How clear was the message from Victoria’s Secret that you needed to be super skinny?", she replied: “Pretty clear.”

She added later in the interview: "I’ve never experienced anything like it before and I hope to never again. It was truly quite a traumatic experience."