Saturday September 18, 2021

Prince William ‘groomed’ to take over the role of future King: report

Prince William reportedly got groomed for his role as the future King of England since childhood expert’s claim
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September 13, 2021

Experts recently sat down for a chat and addressed the grooming Prince William experienced since a young age to help prepare him for the role of King.

This claim has been made by royal expert Steward Pearce and during his interview with the Daily Star, he touched upon the grooming sessions Prince William has undergone since childhood to help prepare him for the role of king.

He was also quoted saying, “William has been part of the conversation since his 11th or 12th year, he’s been groomed. Well, the prime motive is duty.”

“The prime behaviour is in support of heritage and tradition as an iconic status for the British people to have something to refer to, in the way that Her Majesty has been this iconic statement for over 70 years.”