Saturday September 18, 2021

The Firm ‘fed up’ with Sussex’s ‘drip feeding’ secrets to paparazzi

The royal family is reportedly done with Meghan Markle’s decision to ‘drip feed’ information to paparazzi
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August 01, 2021

Experts believe Meghan Markle’s consistent desire to ‘drip feed’ secretive information to the paparazzi has struck a nerve within the royal family.

This claim has been brought forward by royal expert Rebecca English Very unlikely, although of course they will read it, they’d be daft not to.”

"I just know from the Palace’s point of view, they’re not commenting, they don’t want to get involved, I think they’re just utterly fed up of this kind of drip feed of information and revelations coming from Harry and Meghan and their acolytes and they just want a summer without it quite frankly.”

“Especially after what has been a really difficult few months with the loss of the Duke of Edinburgh.”