'There’s no need to go to Bollywood in search of work,' says Mehwish Hayat

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July 27, 2021
I had my own mindset, says Mehwish Hayat
'I had my own mindset,' says Mehwish Hayat

Superstar Mehwish Hayat is detailing her patriotism when it comes to working in films across borders.

Speaking with Ek Din Geo Ke Sath in a recent interview, Mehwish touched upon how she refused multiple Bollywood projects on the lines of story and characters.

“I got many offers from Bollywood. There was a time when Pakistani cinemas were totally shut down, and like every other actor I had a dream to work in films but sometimes the story didn’t hit me and sometimes the character.”

Mehwish went on to elaborate her mindset to giving back to Pakistan and detailed how she has never been fascinated to work in cinema across borders.

“I never thought that if I got a chance to work in Bollywood films I’ll definitely do it just because it’s a Bollywood film. I had my own mindset. Honestly speaking Bollywood never fascinated me a lot and I think after the revival of Pakistani cinema I’ve got a lot of opportunities and recognition here so there’s no need to go to Bollywood in search of work”, added Mehwish Hayat.