Prince Harry cannot cast blame of troubled youth onto royal family: report

Web Desk
July 26, 2021

Experts recently called out Prince Harry for attempting to cast the blame of his troubled youth onto the royal family.

This claim has been brought forward by Jonathan Sacerdoti and during his interview with Express he was quoted saying, “Harry has spoken about his relationship with Prince Charles which was anything but easy growing up, and remember that Harry did have it tough growing up.”

“His mother died in that car crash, killed by the car crash with the paparazzi chasing her through Paris, he had to walk after her coffin on that funeral cortege as a 12-year-old boy.”

“He also got into plenty of trouble growing up and I think that Prince Charles has been blamed by him in some of his recent interviews for his bad parenting. Harry very specifically pointed that out.”

He also added, “Let’s not forget that this guy who set himself up as a paragon of anti-racism once dressed up as a Nazi in a party and once addressed one of his army colleagues as a racist word for Pakistani.”

“Harry himself isn’t innocent of racism, Harry himself isn’t an innocent soul, there was that strip party in Vegas that he was even pictured in.”

“The guy’s gone into plenty of trouble himself and doesn’t need to keep blaming his family. So the relationship isn’t great between the two but I think that Harry, like all grown men, can’t keep blaming his upbringing and his parents for everything.”