Prince Edward enraged after Charles blocks him from taking 'Duke of Edinburgh' title

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July 17, 2021

Before Prince Edward's marriage, royal family announced that he would be the next Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Edward's ties with older brother Charles have become frosty after it was reported he might stop him from taking  the Duke of Edinburgh title. 

According to sources, Edward has been 'fuming' over Charles' plans of slimming down the monarchy.

“To be honest, Prince Charles not wanting to give Prince Edward [the title] when he becomes king has caused a stir at the Palace,” a source claimed.

In 1999, before Edward married Sophie Wessex, the royal family announced that he would be the next Duke of Edinburgh.

“Prince Edward firmly believes that Prince Charles has no right to take the title away from him,” the insider continued.

“What’s even more upsetting for Prince Edward is that his beloved dad, Prince Philip, promised him that he’d inherit the title shortly before he passed,” the source added. “It’s what Prince Philip wanted, but now that he’s no longer around to have a say or step in, Prince Charles is taking it upon himself to potentially deny him of the privilege.”

The source went on, “To say that Prince Edward is appalled is an understatement,” before claiming that Edward “feels frozen out by Charles.”