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Britney Spears 'doesn't trust' her doctors

Britney pleaded with Judge Brenda Penny for freedom

By Web Desk
July 08, 2021
Britney Spears doesnt trust her doctors

Britney Spears 'does not trust' doctors to give mental health evaluation as they reportedly 'failed her'.  The pop star wants her ongoing conservatorship to end without one.

As per reports, Britney "doesn't trust" the doctors she has worked with so far.  The singer pleaded with Judge Brenda Penny for freedom.

In a Los Angeles court, Britney pleaded with Judge Brenda Penny for freedom and to re-evaluate the conservatorship she has been under for 13 years, with her dad Jamie Spears taking control of her finances and personal decisions, following her mental health breakdown in 2008.

In court, Britney said: "I'm sorry for my ignorance, but I honestly didn't know that. But honestly, but I don't think I owe anyone to be evaluated. I've done more than enough. I don't feel like I should even be in room with anyone to offend me by trying to question my capacity of intelligence, whether I need to be in this stupid conservatorship or not. I've done more than enough."

She added: "This conservatorship is doing me way more harm than good. I deserve to have a life, I've worked my whole life. I deserve to have a two to three-year break."

Since Britney Spears'court hearing, her conservatorship lawyer, Sam Ingham, has resigned from the role, following on from the singer's manager who has also quit.