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Maryam's 'provocative' statements allegedly 'a reflection of plans of extremism': NAB

NAB says Maryam Nawaz mocked institutions and made provocative statements in public

By Geo News
March 16, 2021

LAHORE: The "provocative" statements made by PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz were allegedly "a reflection of plans of extremism", the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) said in a statement issued Tuesday.

In its response to Maryam's comments from a day earlier when she had claimed the anti-graft watchdog was "a slave to order", the NAB's Lahore chapter accused her of mocking the state institutions and making provocative statements in public.

She tried to  ridicule the esteemed courts and their rulings in the process, NAB said, adding that she took advantage of the bureau's decision not to summon her for some time due to her political engagements and "constantly challenged" the accountability process.

A key Opposition leader, Maryam had on Monday questioned  NAB's authority to check speeches and comments, terming it "an institution of revenge".

The comments of the PML-N leader are tantamount to spreading a false impression among the Pakistani people, NAB said.

NAB's Lahore chapter further asserted that attempts were made to deliberately agitate Pakistan's already tense atmosphere, while a rebellious rhetoric against the NAB, judiciary, and law enforcement agencies continued unabated.

Maryam's rhetoric was aimed at obstructing the investigation into cases of the Sharif family's alleged corruption and money laundering, it said.

Cases against the PML-N leader over alleged involvement in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills fiasco and money laundering were under investigation, the NAB noted, but claimed that its summons and interrogation were given a "political hue".

Maryam also allegedly kept trying to deviate from the ongoing probe against her and that she allegedly challenged the law and order situation by making provocative statements in public, it said.

The anti-corruption body mentioned that during the August 2020 hearing in Lahore, "the sanctity of a national institution was violated" and efforts were made to create an atmosphere that would force the state institutions to face off against one another.

"Stone-pelting was carried out as per a predetermined plan," NAB added, noting that security agencies were challenged and a first information report (FIR) over the incident was registered at the Chung police station.