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Meghan Markle doesn't owe money to dress designers

Meghan Markle doesn't owe money to dress designers

By Web Desk
December 06, 2020

A latest report in Mail Online seemed to create the impression that Meghan Markle owed some money to her engagement dress designers  . 

Fans of the Duchess of Sussex are angry over the British newspaper for targeting the Duchess of Sussex and implying that she failed to pay her dues.

Twitter and other social media websites were flooded with posts defending the Duchess against what they called vilifying campaign.

 Mail Online was targeted by the fans of the former American actress for the headline that they said implied Meghan owes £70,000 to their engagement dress designers but she doesn’t.

"Meghan Markle's engagement dress designers Ralph and Russo in court battle with events company over unpaid £70,000 bill for party at Paris Fashion Week," read Mail Online's headline.

Another headline read, "Meghan's engagement dress unpaid, as designers go to court for £ 70,000 owed."

Highlighting what a user called British media's hypocrisy a user tweeted:

"British tabloids: #TheCrown is evil, down with fiction!!

"Also British tabloids: Let's write about Meghan Markle as a domineering drought fueling mass murdering avocado-loving thief who's related to two of the world's worst serial killers." [sic]