Tuesday July 05, 2022

Massive mistake to send Meghan Markle, Queen on solo trip, says expert

The expert claims that it is the solo trip with the Queen which caused Meghan Markle's fallout

By Web Desk
November 27, 2020

It seemed to be a positive sign when Meghan Markle’s first solo appearance with the Queen came in early on after her marriage to Prince Harry while Kate Middleton waited an entire year, after marrying Prince William, before she had her chance.

The trip to Chester seemed fruitful as iconic pictures of them giggling together made headlines.

However, royal experts believe that the early trip caused detrimental impact to Meghan and the Queen's relationship, which translated into the Harry and his wife's fallout from the family.

According to Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers, Meghan had an awakening after the trip and felt that she needed to make an impact in a different way.

"There were some comments about whether people in the Palace thought they had made a mistake letting Meghan go on her first engagement with the Queen to Chester. I was there at the time ‒ there were loads of crowds, great day, big privilege for her to step out with the Queen so soon after she got married," he recalled.

"But the issue was they were saying, well did Meghan then think, ‘I don’t fancy this, going up to a northern town on a train overnight and I really want to be making speeches at the UN and change the way that girls’ education is sought after in Africa’."

“And maybe she also thought ‘this is not for me’, and it all happened very, very quickly didn’t it? So obviously there have been massive mistakes on both sides and I’m sure that both sides feel a sense of regret at certain stages," he said.

While the trip demonstrated the Queen's approval and friendship of Harry's wife it did not seem so as the idea loomed that Meghan was not treated well by royal family.