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Police honour medical professionals to boost morale in fight against coronavirus

WHO says Pakistani doctors have emerged as most-affected ones by coronavirus among their healthcare peers

By Web Desk
May 11, 2020
Photo: File

Police officials across Pakistan paid tribute to frontline workers including paramedics and doctors to boost their morale in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak on Sunday.


In Islamabad, the capital police saluted frontline workers during a ceremony to applaud the selfless contributions by doctors, nurses and sanitary staff workers who are working day and night to serve the country amid the pandemic.

In response, the medical workers thanked officials for performing the guard-of-honour and recognising the efforts of the paramedical staff.


Hospitals in Lahore – including the Services Hospital and other private medical facilities — organised events to honour doctors and paramedical staff in the fight against coronavirus.

Citizens waved fight flags while the representatives of the Pakistan Boy Scouts association staged processions to express solidarity with the frontline workers.


In a bid to pay heartfelt gratitude the frontline workers contributing compassionately to battle out the contagious virus, a special event was organised at Police Services Hospital Peshawar on Sunday.

Police officials paid tribute to medical workers by performing a guard-of-honour and raising white flags in acknowledgment of the sacrifices given by doctors, nurses and the paramedical staff.

According to a WHO report, Pakistani doctors have emerged as the most-affected ones by coronavirus among their healthcare peers, including paramedics and nurses.