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King Charles should have ‘stepped in’ to ‘defend’ Prince Harry amid legal loss

King Charles and Prince Harry are seemingly not on good terms especially after Harry criticised the king in his memoir

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May 25, 2023
King Charles should have ‘stepped in’ to ‘defend’ Prince Harry amid legal loss
King Charles should have ‘stepped in’ to ‘defend’ Prince Harry amid legal loss

Prince Harry suffered a legal loss in his police protection case as the High Court in London reached a decision on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023.

Following the verdict, royal expert Kristen Meinzer told Newsweek podcast The Royal Report that King Charles III should have stepped in to support his younger son.

“So far, they’ve had a pretty good track record with the lawsuits — up until now they have,” she said.

“But I just really wish that Charles or some other member of the royal family would step up here. Maybe they could solve this if they were to step in and maybe this lawsuit then wouldn’t even be necessary, but I don’t think that they're going to,” she continued. “Let’s be real — Charles is not going to step up and defend Harry.”

Meinzer also expressed her curiosity over the other royal and where they “stand on this case.”

“The other royals have had experiences where they have wanted protection for people who aren’t royal.”

She then pointed to an account in Tina Brown’s book The Palace Papers that Prince William had a panic button installed in Kate Middleton’s flat before they were married so she could alert local police to would-be intruders.

“Other members of the royal family have been in fear of stalkers, of paparazzi, have asked for special favours from the police in the past for people who aren’t technically royals.”

The expert speculated that members in the royal family would be able to relate to the Duke of Sussex’s predicament and she’d wish someone would have stepped up, bearing in mind that Harry is “still essentially a member of the family.”

He is “still someone who is titled” and “a public figure who is perceived as part of this institution.” She surmised; on the “rare occasions” he is “visiting the U.K.” they should have said that they’ll “find a way to protect you.”