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Prince Harry has ‘pretty natural feelings of resentment towards both Charles and Camilla’

Experts warn Prince Harry’s feelings of resentment towards King Charles and Camila are ‘pretty natural’

By Web Desk
March 30, 2023

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Prince Harry's brewing resentment has just been called out by experts believe the feelings are 'pretty natural'.

The Duke’s behavior has been analyzed by body language expert Judi James, during her interview with Express UK.

She explained, “When Harry was quoted as saying, ‘I lost my dad in this process’ in 2022, his choice of words made it sound heart-breakingly final, almost as though Charles had died.”

“It suggested the relationship was over rather than salvageable,” she added.

“Even when he claimed there was ‘a lot to work through’ the phrase sounded like a very bad omen. ‘Working through’ hinted at Charles having to join Harry in some of his soul-searching therapy sessions, which was never going to sound like the kind of idea Charles would view with much enthusiasm.”

Ms James even noted how “Harry describes himself frequently and emphatically as his ‘mother’s son’ and this does more than hint about some pretty natural feelings of resentment towards both Charles and Camilla.”

In light of this, “Watching Camilla take the throne during Charles’s coronation will easily sting Harry badly.”