Saturday February 04, 2023

Meghan Markle ‘desperate’ for Prince Harry to showcase her suffering

Meghan Markle ‘demanding’ more write ups about their ‘messed up royal life’

By Web Desk
January 22, 2023

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Sources believe Meghan Markle ‘has been demanding’ more revelations about their messed up royal life in Spare.

This has been revealed by a source close to Us Weekly, who explained that Meghan Markle wants Prince Harry “to be transparent about how she was treated and how messed up royal life can be.”

However, Prince Harry seems apprehensive about it still because he “can't be seen taking nasty swipes against his father or The Firm in general,” as “it will deeply affect his relationship with the monarchy moving forward.”

It is due to this very fact that Prince Harry is “having trouble striking a balance between sharing his whole truth and not destroying his family,” per sources.