Saturday February 04, 2023

Gigi Hadid sprinkles new pictures of daughter Khai in R&R post

Gigi Hadid offers fans a rare treat by sharing new pictures of her daughter Khai

By Web Desk
January 21, 2023

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Mother-of-one Gigi Hadid has just showcased yet another glimpse of her growing toddler and social media is abuzz with excitement.

Hadid shared the small collage to Instagram and the post featured a collection of three images.

The first featured Hadid herself clad in a bright pink bikini, with a coverup in the same color palate.

The second picture however, has become the highlight for it includes Hadid with her daughter Khai propped on her shoulders, taking in the sun.

The image is in black-and-white and offers fans a glimpse into Khair’s developmental milestones.

The final picture is one with Hadid and, what appears to be Khai, soaking up the sun with their feet in the clear green sea.

Check it out Below: