Tuesday February 07, 2023

Amber Heard believes Johnny Depp win in libel case will negatively impact women

Amber Heard appeals her ex-husband Johnny Depp win in bombshell defamation case

By Web Desk
December 07, 2022

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Amber Heard believes the verdict of the highly publicised defamation case in favour of Johnny Depp has a “chilling effect” on women.

The Aquaman actor said in her appeal that if “allowed to stand” the holding will not be a positive outcome for abused women willing to speak against “powerful men.”

The court documents obtained by People Magazine read, "The trial court also erred in overruling Heard's demurrer, in which she argued that the challenged statements are non-actionable expressions of opinion and are not reasonably capable of conveying the alleged defamatory implication.”

“That holding, if allowed to stand, undoubtedly will have a chilling effect on other women who wish to speak about abuse involving powerful men,” Heard’s attorney wrote in the legal filing.

Following a six-week-long televised trial, court sided with Depp and awarded him $10 million in damages while announcing that Heard has won one of her counterclaims awarding her $2 million.

Now, Amber Heard’s lawyers are saying that the two verdicts contradicts each other claiming damages awarded to Johnny Depp clearly are “excessive given the narrow time frame for which Depp could recover."

"To find in favor of Depp, the jury must have concluded that Depp did not abuse Heard and that Heard knowingly lied in accusing him of abuse,” they added.

“But, to find in favor of Heard, the jury must have concluded that Heard told the truth about being a victim of domestic abuse by Depp. Accordingly, the verdict against Heard cannot stand."