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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘making people sick’: ‘Stop crying already!’

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s claims in the Netflix docuseries are being ‘pure hearsay’

By Web Desk
December 03, 2022

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Experts believe Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s allegations in the Netflix docuseries should be treated as ‘nothing more than hearsay’..

This allegation has been issued by Joy Behar and Ana Navarro, during their roundtable discussion about the couple.

While Behar believes the release date was deliberately coordinated with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s US visit, Navarro admitted she was 'sick of the sight' of them crying.

During the course of their chat, Behar also went on to pose questions about the couple’s motives and asked, “Has anyone else actually proven to have been racist? It seems hearsay.”

Navaro on the other hand was preoccupied with the couple’s behavior in the video and claimed, “I just wish that every time I saw Meghan and Harry they weren't crying and wiping away tears.”

She also claimed, “I think Netflix is great at marketing and I think Harry and Meghan are great at marketing themselves. They have done — they've now earned tens and tens of millions of dollars out of their story, which they have been telling, it seems to me, for years now, and they're very good at it.”

The co-host for the roundtable, on the other hand, wanted to give Prince Harry and Meghan Markle the benefit of the doubt, since “I didn't realize they had that much power within Netflix, that they could say, 'We're gonna drop it now because my brother and his, you know, his wife are coming to the states.”

But Naarro added, “I don't know if they had the power to tell Netflix, 'Drop it when my brother is here,' but I think they probably did have the power to tell Netflix, 'Don't drop it when my brother is here.'”