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Princess Diana was told to cancel BBC interview on day of recording: Expert

Princess Diana realised her Panorama interview with Martin Bashir was a 'mistake'

By Web Desk
November 25, 2022

Princess Diana reportedly regretted her Panorama interview with the BBC till her dying day.

The former Princess of Wales, who believed to be voicing her concerns with her bombshell sit-in was heavily warned against doing the interview with Martin Bashir.

Royal expert Nick Bullen tells Royally Us: "I know one newspaper editor who was having lunch with her on the day that she did the interview.

"He was having lunch in Kensington Palace with her and the cameras were being set up upstairs."

Quoting Diana, he added: "Diana said to him 'I'm thinking about doing this thing', not knowing it was happening that night.

"The editor said do not under any circumstances, you should not do this.

"So, even on the day [Diana] was being told not do it," noted Mr Bullen.

Speaking about regret around giving the interview, the expert noted: "I think in the initial days after she really felt she'd put her voice out there.

"She also believed what [Martin] Bashir told her about the security services listening to her.

"[However] I think as more clarity set in, it became more and more apparent [that] it was a huge mistake," he concluded.