Monday December 05, 2022

Victoria Beckham 'alarmed' as Nicola Peltz eyes role in ‘James Bond’ movie

Victoria Beckham fears Nicola Peltz’s acting ambitions will 'overshadow' Brooklyn Beckham’s dreams

By Web Desk
November 23, 2022

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Victoria Beckham is concerned for her son Brooklyn Beckham's wish of becoming a young father as Nicola Peltz has fixed her eyes on getting a role in James Bond movie.

The fashion designer thinks that if The Transformers star keeps on pursuing her career in movies, then it might affect her son’s life and his wish of having babies at a young age.

An insider spilled to New Idea Magazine that the billionaire heiress, who recently starred in Welcome to Chippendales, wants to be the next Bond girl which has Victoria concerned and "alarmed."

The source said that if Nicola stars in a big franchise, then she cannot conceive a child for one or two years and this will influence her future planning with Brooklyn.

"She understands Nicola not wanting to put her work on wait more than anybody, but while engaged, all they spoke about was having babies, and Brooklyn was so eager,” the source told the outlet.

"Victoria has seen these many times. She knows firsthand how devoted Brooklyn is to Nicola, and she is concerned that her son's dreams will be overshadowed by someone else's ambitions,” the insider added.

This comes after Brooklyn Beckham told People Magazine that he wishes to become a “young dad” to a “bunch of kids" like his father David Beckham.