Tuesday February 07, 2023

Prince Harry leaves Meghan Markle mid-meal as date turns sour: ‘Up and gone'

Prince Harry ended up walking out on his wife Meghan Markle during the course of an argument

By Web Desk
November 21, 2022

File Footage

Insiders have just witnessed a frosty moment between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that culminated in him ‘walking out on’ his wife in the middle of dinner.

The eyewitness report has been shared by an unnamed source in their interview with New Idea.

The insider began by saying, “They were having a nice time chatting over some tandoori chicken about the kids and school and the upcoming US election – you know, usual husband and wife stuff.”

While they seemed “blended in at first things got frosty between them” near the end of their meal, which left the rest of the diners in the establishment stunned.

The same source claims the couple was “bickering” at one point despite the fact that “the Dutchess is a fairly intimate sort of place, where it's hard not to notice if the people at the next table are bickering.”

“Ojai is a celebrity-friendly place, but it was a surprise to see them there given they have all of Santa Barbara's best restaurants outside their door.”

A separate source also chimed in and revealed that this argument was just one in a long string of stressors they experienced because of their ever-expanding workload.

Reportedly, with “a few big projects coming out soon and Harry, who has always been loved by the public, is particularly nervous about how he will be received given he seems to have lost his golden touch.”